Things to keep in mind before opting for iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is here and marks the beginning of a new era of iPhone. This hero series comes with various new features, bigger display, improved design, fast processor and a strong glass screen. It’s the first time four new iPhones are launched at once: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1- Supports 5G


Starting with the headline feature, 5G provides faster speed and more robust connectivity, but as 5G networks aren’t yet fully deployed around the world it’s coverage is still sparse. But it’s incredibly fast when working, although connecting to 5G can compromise your phone’s battery life, for which apple implemented a software feature called Smart Data mode, which balances data needed, speed and power. Smart Data works with a number of aspects to determine whether you need to use 5G (otherwise shifting to 4G).

2- Bigger and better display.



The display has been upgraded to an OLED screen, offering rich colors and deep blacks, as well as bringing true HDR to the mix for well-suited content. While the screen is less likely to shatter means it can still crack from repeated drops, and the front display can still get scratched over time if you are not too careful. So it’s better to keep your iPhone safe with screen protector. Screens are covered with a ceramic shield, a new material that starts off as glass and is infused with nano ceramic crystals.

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3- No earbuds or plug.



Apple no longer included a pair of wired earbuds in the box or even a power plug with any of the new phones, the idea being to minimize hazardous waste and to become more eco-friendly. Yes, there are environmental benefits to this, but you may need to factor buying a new charger into the cost of your new iPhone on top of the higher price or use the ones laying around..


4- MagSafe.



MagSafe enables faster and more accurate charging, and brings with it a new range of accessories (previously used on MacBooks). But just as 5G will become more useful with time, we’re very much convinced that the MagSafe attachments are going to improve immensely as third party manufacturers get their hands on the technology..


5- Camera.



There are two rear cameras and a front one. The main camera has a finer aperture than before on any iPhone, which means that it can take in more light swiftly. The ultra-wide has the equivalent of a 2x optical zoom and is perfect for times when you can’t step back to take in more of the scene. The front camera, like the rear ones, has 12-megapixel resolution. What’s amazing is that your iPhone upgrades and improves photos as you’re taking them, enhancing and refining your otherwise normal standard pictures. .


Key Specifications

  • Dimensions : 5.78 x 2.81 x 0.29inch
  • Weight : 164 g
  • Water resistance : IP68
  • Rear cameras : 12MP, f/1.6 wide, 12MP, f/2.4 ultra-wide
  • Front camera : 12MP, f/2.2 wide
  • Storage : 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

Support for 5G, a new hardware design and camera enhancements are a substantial step away from the iPhone X generation. But at the cost of $829 for iPhone 12 while baseline storage is only 64GB. Now there are many who will get the iPhone 12 Pro because it is more premium. Whichever way, you’re getting an incredible phone with the finest camera system you can find.


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